Growing Energy

Solar becomes the new king of electricity.

International Energy Agency, World Energy Outlook 2020

Our Mission


Growing Energy

Global Solar Power Increase

Photovoltaics: driving clean electrification across the globe

Renewable energy is expanding across the planet, spearheaded by solar power. Over the past decade total worldwide PV capacity has doubled every two years. Today solar power is a well-established source of clean and affordable electricity. Global solar capacity additions are expected to reach 145 gigawatts in 2021 (equal to the electricity consumption of 41 million EU households). Solar will continue to set new global deployment records in the decade ahead and is fast becoming a major source of electricity in Central and Eastern Europe.

Policymakers and industry leaders have begun to accept this shift towards solar. The energy transition is picking up momentum. It is up to companies like Kraftfeld to translate this shift into reality. Our longstanding experience with investing in solar and bringing solar projects from project idea to operation has left us well equipped for this challenge.

Solar Panel Price Decline

Solar energy: meeting climate goals sustainably and affordably

Innovation and economies of scale continue to drive down costs. Solar power today outcompetes coal- and gas-generated electricity on price. Solar is now the cheapest source of electricity.

At the same time solar farms are the only generation technology with a beneficial impact on the local and global environment. Well-designed and implemented solar parks have become habitats for insects, pollinators and birds.

A Paradigm Shift: “Renewables are taking power and solar is the new king.”

World Energy Outlook 2020, IEA



Our projects.

The ability to take a solar project from start to operation is our greatest asset today. Since 2009 Kraftfeld has built the expertise and networks necessary to develop, execute and operate solar parks. Today this is the basis for the successful expansion of our own portfolio. Below is a selection of solar farms put into operation by us as well as projects under development.

completed solar parks
projects under development


4.8 MWp

Annual production: 8 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.


7.3 MWp

Annual production: 11.7 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.


15 MWp

Annual production: 26.3 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.


2 MWp

Annual production: 3.4 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.


6.25 MWp

Annual production: 8.8 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.


8 MWp

Annual production: 9 GWh Fixed, Roof-mounted.


3.6 MWp

Annual production: 4.2 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.

Banská Bystrica

4 MWp

Annual production: 4.9 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.

Košice II

1 MWp

Annual production: 1.2 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.

Košice I

2 MWp

Annual production: 2.35 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.


5 MWp

Annual production: 6.5 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted


10 MWp

Annual production: 13 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.


2.5 MWp

Est. annual production: 3.1 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.


2 MWp

Est. annual production: 1.1 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.

St Pölten

2 MWp

Est. annual production: 2.2 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.


55 MWp

Est. annual production: 68.8 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.


50 MWp

Es. annual production: 63 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.


89 MWp

Est. annual production: 118 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.


50 MWp

Est. annual production: 60 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.


70 MWp

Est. annual production: 91 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.


68 MWp

Est. annual production: 88.4 GWh Fixed, Ground-mounted.

Completed solar parks

Projects under development

About us


Experienced. Driven. Passionate.

Kraftfeld was founded in 2009 as Pressburg Partners. The company has developed and operated solar farms in six European countries. During this time it has acted as developer, operator and investor. Kraftfeld's track record includes projects with at investment volume for the period of more than 300 million Euros.

Today Kraftfeld manages its solar assets and works to expand its portfolio. Kraftfeld started a pipeline of large solar farms in Hungary, Romania and Austria in 2019. The company now has several hundred megawatts under development in these core markets.

Kraftfeld has offices in Vienna, Budapest, and Bucharest. An in-house trading team sells the power produced by its assets via PPAs and on the spot market.

Portrait: Rolf Theuer

Rolf Theuer

Rolf is a co-founder of Kraftfeld and in charge of deal structuring and financing. He is an experienced investment professional who has worked with international banks. He also managed two private equity funds. Rolf served on the boards of several established companies in CEE, particularly in Hungary. Rolf holds a master's degree in Busines Administration from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and is also a former Austrian national marathon champion.


Portrait: Ben Salm-Reifferscheidt

Ben Salm-Reifferscheidt

Ben is a founding partner in charge of project origination and technology. Before Kraftfeld he built up the solar portfolio of a listed company. Ben has a BA from Oxford University and two master's degrees from Columbia University in New York, including an MSc in Engineering. He also developed several carbon emissions reduction projects in Brazil and Africa.


Portrait: Florian Kneidinger

Florian Kneidinger

Florian focuses project development and legal matters. As a co-founder he has been with Kraftfeld since 2009. He started his career advising international energy companies on their expansion in CEE. He built up his expertise in renewable energy while working at an energy investment firm. Florian holds a master's degree in Law from the University of Vienna and a master's degree in Information Technology for Business from the Vienna University of Technology.




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